First Aid X Ray Allowed PE Spine Board Stretcher

Informacion basica
Lugar de origen: Zhejiang, China
Nombre de la marca: Kenyue
Certificación: CE ISO:9001
Número de modelo: KY-RC-E3
Cantidad de orden mínima: 1pc
Precio: Please contact us for the price
Detalles de empaquetado: cartón estándar de la exportación
Tiempo de entrega: 15-20 días
Condiciones de pago: L/C T/T
Tamaño del producto:: el 185*45*6Cm Peso:: 7.5kg
Llevar el peso:: 180kg Cantidad que embala:: 1 cartón de la PC
Tamaño del embalaje:: el 185*49*7cm Peso del paquete:: 10Kg
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PE Spine Board Stretcher


X Ray Allowed Spine Board Stretcher


First Aid backboard stretcher

First-Aid X-Ray Allowed PE Spine Boards Backboard Stretcher


1-Product description:


This product is also known as spine board, lifting board, plate stretcher, plastic stretcher, fixed lift board, floating rescue board and so on.
*This product is made of high density plastic polyethylene blow a molding, sturdy and durable, and it is not easy to age.
*This product is suitable for all kinds of bad environment rescue, strong anti-collision,water proofing and easy to clean.
*X light, MRI, and CT can penetrate well and facilitate the inspection of the wounded, so as to minimize the pain caused to the patient during the handling process.
*A uniform handle on the periphery can be raised and carried by many people at the same time.Hard structure to proceed CPR and heart press rescue in the process of transshipment.
*The displacement is large, and the overall volume reaches 0.04m3. It can float an adult in the normal temperature water, which greatly reduces the difficulty of rescuers on the water, and is convenient for rescuing the wounded faster.
*Spinal fixation set includes a neck support, head immobilizer and spinal fixation plate, the product is generally equipped with three ties.




Product size: 185*45*6Cm Weight: 7.5Kg
Bearing weight: 180Kg Packing quantity: 1 Pc/ carton
Packing size: 185*49*7cm Package weight: 10kg




1. Made of HDPE plastic, strong and durable, can float on water, can transmit X-ray, CT scan and MRI.
2. There are multiple handle holes around it to facilitate medical staff to carry patients.
3. Easy to clean and disinfect.



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