Sillas médicas del ensanchador de la manija telescópica de la aleación de aluminio

Informacion basica
Lugar de origen: Zhejiang
Nombre de la marca: Kenyue
Certificación: CE ISO:9001
Número de modelo: KY-RC-D1
Cantidad de orden mínima: 1pc
Precio: Please contact us for the price
Detalles de empaquetado: cartón estándar de la exportación
Tiempo de entrega: 15-20days
Condiciones de pago: L/C T/T
Tamaño del producto (ampliado):: los 52*48*91Cm Tamaño del producto (después de doblar): los 91*52*19cm: los 91*52*19Cm
Peso:: 11kg Portador:: 160kg
Tamaño del embalaje:: los 95*51*26Cm Peso del paquete:: 13KG
Alta luz:

Telescopic Handle Medical Stretcher Chairs


Aluminum Alloy Medical Stretcher Chairs


Folding ambulance chair stretcher

Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Handle Folding Medical Evacuation Stretcher Chairs


1-Product description:


The advantages of the stair stretcher are mainly suitable for patients who move up and down stairs on high floors. The overall stair stretcher is a foldable design that is easy to use. After the folding volume is small, the application is also very simple and convenient. The stair stretcher is designed with small wheels in four directions. When the patient needs to be transported, it is faster and more convenient; the stair stretcher has a back end and four folding functions. The front and lower end of the stretcher is designed with two retractable lifting rods. This is easy and convenient when delivering stairs, saving time and effort. The stretcher is equipped with a seat belt to ensure the safety of the patient. The whole stair stretcher is made of high-performance and strong aluminum alloy material. The stretcher is characterized by light weight, small overall size, easy to carry and use, best safety, and easy cleaning and disinfection.




Product size (expanded): 52*48*91Cm Product size(after folding):  91*52*19cm
Weight:  11Kg Load bearing: 160Kg
Packing size:  95*51*26Cm Package weight: 13Kg


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Sillas médicas del ensanchador de la manija telescópica de la aleación de aluminio 0


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